The Big Crack

On our most recent vacation we had the opportunity to visit the incredible Grand Canyon. I cannot comprehend how one can stand on the edge of that majestic site and give the credit to some little stream. For me it was a great prompter for worship in just majestically it proclaims His glory. On a lighter note... here are couple of pictures from that trip.

This man apparently thought that he was exempt from all common courtesies because it was clear that a family of seven was taking a picture directly behind him but obviously neither him or the man taking the picture noticed. The man who took the picture actually handed us the camera asking if the shot was alright. We kindly asked him to shoot another one.

I can't imagine there are too many people who can say that they have done push-ups with their head overlooking the Grand Canyon. I can.

Nathaniel was tempted. He scared the living daylights out of my poor mother. Posted by Picasa


iron girl said...

That looked like fun! Push ups over the Grand Canyon huh? Can't say I've done that.

kdw said...

Ian: I can't believe that you acually did push ups over looking the big crack! :) You hate hights! I also thought the picture with that guy in the middle of it was really funny! Well, I hope your day is going well! I am praying for you! Talk to you later!

Gods girl said...

Wow!! i'm glad you had a good time.

kdw said...

we want some more bloggage! Come on Ian... be a man... suck it up... and post! :)