I have recently been caused to reflect on the particular means human beings reflect the likeness of our Creator: this being the very practice of creating. I have had the joy of being able to make things for around our home out of scraps from work. I've been amazed at my utter excitement about the next project and my (sometimes ridiculous) pride over what I have made.

However, it recently occurred to me that I have been ignoring the true beauty of me being able to create ridiculous little objects. The true beauty is that THE Creator created me with the ability and desire to create (in a much  subordinate manner to His) and thereby having joy in the process by giving glory back to the Designer.

It goes without saying that the creating that we as finite beings do is vastly different from that of God - namely being that we create out of SOMETHING - recreating, if you will. Though our feeble attempts to bring about (re)creations from that which already has been, are trite and relatively inconsequential, they are apart of our privileged role and God-ordained task of imaging forth apart of who He is - THE Creating One.

We can create because He first created and because He breathed into man the breath of life, making man unique to the rest of His creation. I can only try to imagine the joy He feels to see His children, His beloved creations (and NEW creations) accurately and joyfully reflecting Him and likewise the pain to see the inverse.

May we glorify God in toiling in the toil that He has given us to toil in (creating Word documents, lasagna's, sermons, weed-free gardens, research papers), remembering that He gets the glory.

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