Risen to New Life

Isn't it grace amazing?! That a holy and sinless God would save such worthless and utterly sinful men, simply leaves one speechless. Yet, even in view of this amazing demonstration of undeserved love and mercy, believers continually bow down before other gods such as self, others' opinions (of those who can only kill the body and are as enduring as the grass of the field), wealth, and the list goes on.

As I have been reading the book of Isaiah, both for school (Old Testament Survey II) and in my devotions, many passages have been coming to my attention concerning the foolish idolatry and harlotry of the children of Israel. I discovered that I was ignorantly leaving them at merely observations and not points of application. A few passages specifically starting sticking out to me that provoked me to question, "Is this a picture of me and my heart as well?" and "Does God think the same of my sin?"

God Himself makes so many arguments within the book for trusting Him and forsaking the ridiculous idols that the sons of Israel were chasing . He desires that His people follow His law yet they so abhorrently run to other gods and fail to remember or care about their testimony before the other nations and how that reflects on God. Two major sins stuck out to me that I want to address just briefly.

The first sin that stuck out to me, that the Lord confronted Israel with and most definitely characterizes my life, is the fear and regard or honor of man (2:22 and 51:12-13). God so clearly abhors His precious children regarding man's opinion and considering his ability as something to be feared. God makes His case that He created them and there is NONE like Him! How so foolishly I daily act in such ways as to please or give regard to men's opinions to the level that should only be of God's.

The second sin that the Holy Spirit convicted me of was that of running to other gods and in the process ignoring the compassion and love that He is ready to pour out on us! In chapter 48 verses 18-19 so clearly communicates that God longs for us to walk in righteousness and has provided His Word to guide us! Both Psalm 81 and Isaiah 30:18 declare that the Lord is waiting to bless and have compassion on His people if they would but seek Him with their hearts and turn toward His statutes. I am daily guilty this ridiculous ignoring of His goodness and blessing by turning to temporarily satisfying sin.

I know this post may seem shock both by its presence and size, considering my current blog history but I hope this at least prompted some thoughts of your own or reminded you of some truths or areas of weakness in your life.

P.S. The young man has risen to new life after nearly a year of cyber-unconsciousness.


skh said...

Not only is it good to see the Young Man back in blogging-consciousness, thanks for sharing your application about doing instead of hearing only.

Micah James Lugg said...

Thanks for waking up and for sharing what you are learning. May that learning continue.