what a passion!

As I was reading yesterday in I Samuel I came across Davids encounter with Goliath. The thing that struck me most was not only David's displaying of extreme courage but the motivation that brought about the courage. David says in I Samuel 17:26 "For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the LIVING GOD?"(emphasis added). David was deeply and genuinely concerned for the glory of God. He had a passion to see His name lifted up and he wasn't going to let a nine-cubit-tall pooh-head defame his great God by taunting His armies. This shows David's pure heart as we see that he didn't do it for the possibility of fame and glory for himself but rather he was concerned for the upholding of God's holy name. If only we could have such a bold and genuine passion for the glory of God that we would be willing to face whatever the odds may be. I, at times, can be so sheepish and faith-lacking as to hesitate whether to speak of Jesus' name in public let alone speak of what he has done.

I just listened to a sermon the other day by John Piper (in the Light and Heat series) in which he explains that the situation described in 1 Peter 3:15 (to give account for the hope that is in us) perhaps is not even something we run into because it can appear that we are hoping in the exact same things that the world is. If we would only be like David and live with an evident love for God and passion to see Him high and lifted up. We are to be unlike the world and not love the things of this world as 1 John 2:15-17 reminds us. Only by the the by the working of the Holy Spirit through Scripture and a continual coming before God in prayer asking Him to change our hearts, will this boldness be brought about. Praise the Lord for His Word!


mijah said...

How true! The battle that day was not between David and Goliath, but between the LORD God of Israel and Goliath.

theGracegirl said...

Good post. We do, too often, shrink back from proclaiming God. We must have feet fitted with the preparation of the gospel of peace. I think sometimes the key is being prepared to share our faith, bubbling over with the greatness of the gospel and God's grace. There is plenty of opportunity, if only we had the passion.

Oh, and the repeated use of the term "pooh-head" makes me laugh.

Tk log said...

"a nine-cubit-tall pooh-head"... I love it!

And thanks for your thoughts and updates. I pray that God would use us to stand for him when no one else will. Even against a nine-cubit-tall pooh-head.

iron girl said...

I will never think of goliath in the same way. Sometimes at the end of the week I feel like my passion for Christ has died down a little since Sunday morning sevices. WOW, it would be amazing to have a passion like Davids. Very good post.